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Main GC "Kamelot"


The company «Kamelot Stone» — - manufacturer and supplier of natural stone and products from it. Our company is on the market since 2001. During this time, the company "Kamelot" has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of stone products in Ukraine. The range consists of more than 300 items of products from natural stone sandstone, quartzite, sandstone, dolomite, porphyry, granite, slate, quartzite, and the means to care for the stone.

The company«Kamelot Stone» - an extensive network of partners and regional warehouses, as in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and European countries. We deliver the goods by any mode of transport.

We are professionally engaged in manufacturing and trade, we have sufficient working capital, a staff of skilled employees, we have the most modern technologies and management accounting.

The company «Kamelot Stone» is an international group of companies that would bring together the stone processing industry in Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Bulgaria, India.

We undertake market research, choose the best proposal, negotiate, reduce prices, check the vendor perspective, control quality, manufacturers are working on, we organize the flow of goods, take care of customs clearance, control the appearance and brings to market new products.

Our principles are at work:

EFFICIENCY. The organization of the company based on the most modern communication, information and logistics technology allows us to guarantee the fulfillment of its obligations precisely at the appointed time.

QUALITY. We monitor the work of dozens of manufacturers and importers of natural stone and choose the best. We do not work with the product, if the ratio of price and quality is not optimal.

RANGE. Due to the value of working capital and long-term partnerships with suppliers, we can guarantee the availability of (the optimal time of delivery) you require any number of products made of natural stone throughout the year.

CONVENIENCE. We deliver the goods by any mode of transport: truck, rail containers, wagons, express delivery services. We deliver goods to any destination in Ukraine and abroad.

ATTITUDE. For us there is no difference whether you are submitting a large developer or you are a private customer. For us, it does not matter whether you are in Kiev, Donetsk and Uzhgorod. We do not change their attitude depending on the size purchased your party. We are equally happy to assist all our clients. It's our job.

PARTNERSHIP. We have adopted a system of discounts, product range and promotional support to enable our partners to always be one step ahead of competitors. We do not just sell products - we create the largest network of sales of natural stone in Ukraine.

RELIABILITY. Our experience and specialist qualifications, reputation, advanced technology, management and accounting, carefully controlled range of products and pricing, are a solid foundation for sustainable development co-operation with all our partners. We can not let down our partners and customers.

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